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Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) Financial News - S&P 500 Dividend Health, Forecast Changes for Aug. 16

Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)

S&P 500 Dividend Health, Forecast Changes for Aug. 16

Quote: 11-Daily Change-2011201120112011 PercentLevel ================================================================================ Covidien616060601.7%1 KLA-Tencor646364641.6%1 Intel Corp737273731.4%1 Eaton Corp62636263-1.6%-1 Moody’s Corp61626262-1.6%-1 Brown-Forman Corp48494949-2.0%-1 General Dynamics Corp39403940-2.5%-1 Yum! Brands Inc33343334-2.9%-1 PepsiCo30313130-3.2%-1 Estee Lauder Companies71747877-4.1%-3 Home Depot Inc47494848-4.1%-2 Textron Inc17181717-5.6%-1 Macy’S Inc28302828-6.7%-2 NYSE Euronext24262424-7.7%-2 Cisco Systems Inc21232323-8.7%-2 Johnson Controls17191917-10.5%-2 Titanium Metals Corp33373737-10.8%-4 ================================================================================Aug. 16Aug. 15Aug. 12Aug. 11-Daily Change-2011201120112011 PercentLevel ================================================================================ Exelon Corp6777-14.3%-1 Valero Energy Corp5654-16.7%-1 SCANA Corp.-4-3-4-5-33.3%-1 FLIR Systems Inc.3232323-87.0%-20 Washington Post0155-100.0%-1 ================================================================================ NOTE: Bloomberg analysts use seven factors in determining each dividend forecast: 1) Company guidance; 2) Dividend Health Score; 3) Industry analysis; 4) Historical trend analysis; 5) Market analyst consensus estimates; 6) Options market implied dividends; 7) Historical regression analysis of fundamentals compared to dividends.The dividend Health Score is on a scale of -100 to 100. A score between -100 and -50 indicates a potential inability to maintain the current dividend level, whereas 50 to 100 indicates a potential ability to raise its current dividend rate. A score between -50 to 50 indicates that fundamental data is inconclusive on the directionof the dividend.SOURCE: Bloomberg srose31@bloomberg.net atanzi@bloomberg.net ...
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Cisco Systems, Inc. Stock Summary

Cisco Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking and other products relating to the communications and information technology industry worldwide. The company offers routers that interconnect IP networks and moving information between networks; switching systems, which provide connectivity to end users, workstations, and servers; application networking solutions to deploy and deliver business applications; home networking products, such as voice and data modems, network cards, media adapters, Internet video cameras, network storage, and USB adapters; and Cisco security solutions to protect information systems. It also provides storage area networkin...
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