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Netflix Inc (NFLX) Financial News - An App That Makes Customer Service Hold for You

Netflix Inc (NFLX)

An App That Makes Customer Service Hold for You

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Quote: (Plus, if one representative hangs up, he says, the app calls back until it gets one who will play ball.) It happens that I’ve been meaning to call two companies: Netflix, and Cox Cable. A bad electrical storm knocked out our Internet service a while back, and I hadn’t gotten around to resetting the wireless link with our Wii terminal, which allows us to watch Netflix shows on our television. I’d been dragging my feet in part because I wasn’t sure which company to call first for advice. Plus, I couldn’t seem to find the time to locate the proper customer service numbers. So, FastCustomer seemed well worth a try. The app downloaded quickly onto my Android phone, and the service worked smoothly after I selected Cox from the list. Within three minutes, my phone rang; it was a live Cox representative, asking (somewhat suspiciously, I thought) if I had called. (Why, yes, I did!) I described my problem. She suggested a solution that I agreed to try. Pretty painless. The Netflix call didn’t go as well. It started out the same way. I got a quick call back. But the voice on the phone was automated. The recorded voice asked me if I was satisfied with Netflix’s service, and directed me to press 1 if I was. I thought that it wasn’t Netflix’s fault that lightning zapped our router, so I pressed 1. Big mistake. “Thank you for your feedback,” the voice said. “Goodbye.” Then it hung up. Mr. Dragushan said he was not sure what the problem is with Netflix, but he took the company off the app’s menu while he investigates the situation. In some cases, he said, as with Comcast, for instance, the company’s computers block calls from FastCustomer. He said he didn’t believe it was because the company didn’t want to take calls from FastCustomer. It is more likely because the computers see hundreds of calls from a single, toll-free phone number, and register them as some sort of nuisance attack. The company plans to switch to ...
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