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Bank Of America Corp (BAC) Financial News - Now It's Time to Be Greedy

Bank Of America Corp (BAC)

Now It's Time to Be Greedy

Quote: The signs are everywhere: unemployment rising, housing inventory increasing, banks are insolvent, and government budgets everywhere are risking exploding out of control. Europe is on the edge, Japan is past the point of no return, and the United States government barely functions anymore. Or so we're told...The question is, if they are right, will we have massive inflation or a deep depression?Which Agony Outcome?For every negative factor listed above, and many more that could be, there is only one of two outcomes: inflation or depression. That's it. The degree to which we suffer will depend on how bad everything really is combined with which steps are taken to mitigate the issues. So we are either going to have a mild depression (or worse a Dark Depression), or we will have mild inflation (or worse Hyper-Inflation). When someone points out how bad things have been, realize that the type of agony outcome is not in question, just the magnitude of that outcome.The agony outcome is determined by one group and one group alone. Many forces attempt to influence these powerful men, but make no mistake, the power is controlled exclusively by the world's central bankers. To alleviate the symptoms of 'economies gone bad,' these bankers decide to either expand money supply or contract it. And, the path they follow will determine which agony we endure. Period.Buy If We Get Fears Of A Depression PanicThe current crisis was ignited in 2008 and the agony outcome chosen was to print more money. Nothing has changed to suggest that they will reverse their solution. In fact, one could argue that recent events have illustrated their resolve. We will experience inflation, and all arguments that describe how bad things are should be used to purely define the magnitude of the inflation we experience. For example, if unemployment were to rise further, then the response will be to print more money. The increased money will temporarily calm ...
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